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  • Guide to Adult Diapers That Don't Show Under Clothing

    Discover the art of living confidently with our guide to adult diapers that offer invisibility, comfort, and freedom. Embrace your life without compromise.
  • Why More Men are Choosing Adult Diapers

    Discover the rising trend of adult diaper usage among men. Explore reasons, benefits, and societal shifts in this insightful blog post.
  • Living Fully with Bowel Incontinence

    Find out empowering strategies and compassionate insights for living fully with bowel incontinence. Learn how to manage, cope, and thrive in everyday life.
  • From Bed to Boardroom: Incontinence Products for Men in the Workplace

    Incontinence is a common medical condition that affects millions of people worldwide, including men. It is a condition that can be difficult to d...
  • Adult Underwear Absorbency is Critical

    The main purpose of adult underwear is to help people manage their fecal or urinary incontinence and avoid leakage, irritated skin, odors, and impacting a person's confidence and emotional well-being. Absorbency is a vital part of achieving that purpose. 
  • Disposable Washcloths for Adult Diaper Rash

    People who suffer from adult incontinence also need to protect their skin. A lack of air flow and presence of dirt and excess moisture can cause the skin to break down and development of painful sores and rashes. Taking steps to protect against adult diaper rash and other skin irritations is essential. The use of large, soft, rinse-free disposable washcloths in combination with skin relief balm and well fitted adult underwear can make a huge difference. 
  • Skin Relief Cream for Adult Diaper Rash

    Adult diaper rash skin irritations can be painful and uncomfortable. Out of the various at home treatments available, skin relief cream is one of the most popular, but many contain chemicals and preservatives that can irritate your skin even more. Thankfully, underx has developed an all natural, paraben free alternative to conventional creams using zinc oxide, other natural ingredients and essential oils that are known to help soothe and comfort sensitive skin.
  • What Adult Underwear Product Do I Need?

    Find out if pull up or incontinence underwear are right for you and your symptoms, the informational blog post contains categories to provide insight into what pull up underwear can deliver to help manage symptoms as well as how it fits and how it is worn. 
  • The Right Fit for Adult Underwear

    Finding the right fit for adult underwear is important because wearing well fitted adult underwear is the best way to manage urinary incontinence symptoms. Choosing adult underwear that not only fits well but is also comfortable to wear and looks good under clothing is the best way to ensure urinary incontinence symptoms are being managed properly.
  • The Importance of Adult Underwear Absorbency

    The main reason absorbency is important in adult underwear is to manage urinary incontinence symptoms. Adult underwear primarily works to provide an added layer of protection to absorb any leaks, drips, or other urinary incontinence symptoms.