Adult Underwear Absorbency is Critical

The main purpose of adult underwear is to help people manage their fecal or urinary incontinence and avoid leakage, irritated skin, odors, and impacting a person's confidence and emotional well-being. To achieve that purpose, adult underwear provides an added layer of protection to absorb any leaks, drips, or other fecal or urinary incontinence symptoms.

The amount and quality of absorbency is also a vital part of fulfilling that purpose. The level of incontinence, light, medium or heavy, guides what type of adult underwear the person should use, but the type of material, waistband, tabs and the fit of the diaper play important roles too. The higher the absorbency and better the fit, the more reliable it will be and more secure you'll feel using them.  

Follow the below guidelines for the best results:

1: Absorbency manages leakage

Using the right products for your body type and specific needs will help manage your urinary incontinence symptoms. Choosing the right incontinence products and the correct absorbency level will also reduce the chance of leaks both during the day and at night.   

The best ways to reduce leakage are:

  • To use adult underwear that is designed to absorb more than your daily symptoms.
  • To make sure to change underwear frequently enough to reduce the chance of leaks.           

2: Absorbency keeps your skin dry and reduce rashes

Absorbency in adult underwear works to wick the liquid away from the skin, reducing the chance of a rash caused by being wet for an extended period of time. The best products to keep the skin dry use both an absorbent core to reduce leaks and a fast-drying layer to keep the skin dry.

The best ways to keep skin dry are:

  • To use adult underwear that is designed for your body, so it fits snuggly yet comfortably.
  • To check underwear periodically during the day to ensure underwear isn't too wet.
  • To use underwear at night that can absorb more to reduce wetness while you sleep.

3: Absorbency minimizes odors

In addition to keeping skin dry, absorbency in adult underwear works to reduce odors so you can go about your day and feel comfortable. Many people with urinary incontinence resist using adult underwear to manage their symptoms because they don’t want anyone to notice an odor. By choosing a product that has the correct absorbency and fit, there won’t be any noticeable odor.  

The best way to minimize odors are:

  • To choose adult underwear that has the right level of absorbency and fit for your needs.
  • To change underwear more frequently if you experience increased wetness.
  • To stay hydrated which reduces the chance of odor if you can’t change your underwear for an extended period of time.

4: Absorbency increases confidence and supports emotional well being

Absorbency in adult underwear ensures that your urinary incontinence symptoms can be managed, giving you increased confidence to continue with your daily activities without worry or extra bathroom time. Using adult underwear with the appropriate absorbency needed for your specific symptoms will help you feel more in control of your situation and will make it easier to get back to activities you may have been avoiding.

The best ways to increase confidence are:

  • To use adult underwear with a good fit and style that suits your lifestyle.
  • To monitor your symptoms and choose adult underwear with the necessary absorbency level to keep you dry and fresh.

Along with all these reasons absorbency is important to manage urinary incontinence symptoms, it’s important to try multiple absorbent underwear products to find something that fits as you’d like. There is adult underwear out there that are easy to wear under clothing, easy to change at any time, and have the proper absorbance for your needs. By choosing the correct adult underwear for you, you’ll feel more in control, confident, and independent knowing you can manage your symptoms all day and night.

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