The Right Fit for Adult Underwear

Finding the right fit for adult underwear is important because wearing well fitted adult underwear is the best way to manage urinary incontinence symptoms. Choosing adult underwear that not only fits well but is also comfortable to wear and looks good under clothing is the best way to ensure urinary incontinence symptoms are being managed properly.

Measure First

To get the right fit you have to know your size, as sizing changes depending on the brand and the adult underwear type. While adult underwear for urinary incontinence do follow the same general size trend, choosing the right size for the best and right fit requires more insight into your specific size.

By taking a few measurements you’ll be able to choose adult underwear with the right fit no matter the brand or style you choose. The two locations to measure are:

  • Waist: this is similar to your pants size, this helps you choose within the standard S/M/L
  • Legs: measuring around each thigh will help you choose to size up or down

The two other areas to measure first are your general body type and the absorbency you’ll need in adult underwear.

Considering your body type gives you an idea of how the adult underwear will fit overall, how much coverage you may need, and if you will want a larger or smaller fitting product. Your body type may fall into common general shapes such as:

  • Muscular
  • Slim
  • Pear-shaped
  • Apple-shaped

Absorbency helps you select the right size for fit while also fulfilling symptom management. Adult underwear products range in both size and absorbency, meaning that a size large may be available in a thinner light absorbency along with a thicker overnight absorbency, which changes how the product fits and wears under clothing.

Fit Focus

Along with your personal measurements, another key to the right fit is fit focus, that is how adult underwear should fit while they’re being worn. Choosing the correct size for your body type helps with fit, but once you try a product on you should consider how it fits around your waist, around your legs, and what the fit is like under clothing.

  • Waist: should be snug without feeling too restrictive, side tabs can be pulled in to adjust for a tighter fit.
  • Legs: around each leg should be snug without digging in, check this by fitting one finger under the leg; if it’s too loose it will leak.

When worn under clothing, there should be a freedom to movement without anything pulling or feeling too tight. If the underwear feels too bulky, consider a lower absorbance product that can be changed more frequently.

A great place to start when considering fit for adult underwear is UnderX XFit technology. This line of adult underwear was designed with body shape in mind, providing a unisex product that fits a range of body types. Using a “Find Your Fit'' questionnaire, the XFit technology uses your symptoms, size, and personal style to help provide a range of products that suit your needs.

The right fit for adult underwear is a product that wears similarly to underwear, is easy to put on and take off, and suits your body type. By using your personal measurements and evaluating fit as you try adult underwear products, you will find something that manages your urinary incontinence symptoms while also fitting nicely under clothing. Taking time to find the right fit for you will make it easier to manage your symptoms and can help you feel confident during the day.

Please visit our Store or contact underx with any of your questions about incontinence products.

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