Bowel Incontinence Products

Return to your active life with bowel incontinence products that work. Whether it's our underwear, disposable washcloths, or bowel incontinence underwear, you will be comfortable, leak free, and back to your normal life in no time!

As healthcare providers with family experience, we know the everyday challenges of living with incontinence. That's why we created our proprietary underwear for any caregiver or daily user that is unhappy with what's on the market today.

Women's Max Absorbency Diaper-Style Briefs With Tabs
Maximum absorbency adult diapers with adjustable tabs for trusted protection day or night.
Adult Disposable Washcloths (XL) 8" x 12" UnderX
Underx Disposable XL Washcloths | UnderX Incontinence Products
Strong and thick plant-based cloths, super absorbent and effective.
bowel incontinence products

All Day Comfort

Our bowel incontinence underwear is built with soft, cloth-like materials, four heavy-duty adhesive tabs, and an oversized absorbent core to provide maximum coverage and a secure, leakage barrier.

- odor free

- no leaks and sagging

- keep skin dry

For Men and For Women

Underx designed superior underwear with you in mind. We know that most adult underwear on the market was developed for men, leaving half of the incontinence population under served. Our proprietary underwear fits the unique bodies of both men and women!

Discrete, Non-Bulky Fit

When choosing which underwear works best for you, you'll have three choices: slimfit pull ups, Xtreme briefs, and Xtreme pull ups.

Every underx incontinence brief uses our proprietary Xsorb's tri-layer construction for better absorbstion than a standard diaper, resulting in a discrete non-bulky fit.

superior incontinence underwear all day leak free latex free

Keep your skin healthy

Daily use of underwear, especially as an adult can cause rashes or irritation if the skin is kept wet for too long. We developed a paraben-free, all-natural cream to help fight diaper rash and keep your skin healthy.

UnderX Skin Relief Cream Balm- Large 10oz
underwear skin relief cream
A paraben-free alternative to conventional creams using natural ingredients and essential oils.

Why Underx?

At Underx, we are committed to building a healthcare brand that provides a broad range of superior products for the incontinence community.   

Through our personal experiences with family members, we understand the unique needs associated with incontinence - for the client and the caregiver.

Save on Bowel Incontinence Products Today!

Using disposable underwear multiple times per day can get expensive. As with any healthcare cost, it is important to balance the cost of the treatment with the highest quality product. Luckily, underx was developed to be the most affordable incontinence product supplier, becasuse we know first hand the challanges that you're facing.

Browse our full offering today, and always feel free to reach out with any questions!

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