What Adult Underwear Product Do I Need?

Pull up adult underwear, also referred to as incontinence underwear, are an absorbent product worn just like traditional underwear. Pull up underwear have soft, fabric-like sides with an absorbent core and an elastic waistband, designed to help manage incontinence symptoms, mainly bladder leaks. Using pull up underwear to manage incontinence symptoms and bladder leaks is ideal for people that find in-underwear pads or guards are leaking more frequently.  

To help you decide if pull up or incontinence underwear are right for you and your symptoms, the following categories have been outlined to provide insight into what pull up underwear can deliver to help manage symptoms as well as how it fits and how it is worn.  


Pull up underwear are worn just like traditional underwear. Soiled pull up underwear can be torn on each side to remove them without having to step out of the underwear, but they do not have any tabs to allow for them to be put on with open sides.

In terms of mobility, pull up underwear are a good choice for those that can put on and take off traditional underwear with ease, either from a standing or sitting position. Pull up underwear requires users to step into the leg holes and bend down to pull them up along with either tearing the sides or removing just like traditional underwear. Typically pull up underwear users need to be able to stay standing or be able to lift their hips off of the surface such as a bed, if receiving assistance to put pull up underwear on.


Since pull-up underwear are designed very similarly to traditional underwear, they may be a better option for those that have reduced dexterity. There are no tabs to reconnect the front to the back, providing one solid piece of material that goes on like traditional underwear. With this style, the sides can be torn to make removal a little more sanitary, but this requires the wearer or a helper to tear the material.

In terms of dexterity, pull up underwear is pretty easy to get on and off, along with wear throughout the day. This may be a good option over the adhesive pads or guards to place in traditional underwear, as you don’t have to deal with removing the packaging or getting the placement correct.


The materials used in pull up underwear are very soft and fabric-like, paired with an elastic waistband and leg openings, providing an overall fit and feel that’s very similar to traditional underwear. These products are available in unisex, men’s, and women’s sizes, to offer a tailored fit and a sleek look depending on the absorbency and size you need.

Pull up underwear are chosen to be a comfortable option to wear all day, or all night. Since they’re easy to take on and off, these are a good option for a traditional underwear-like fitting product that is gentle on the skin while keeping things dry and in place.


Choosing the pull up underwear for managing incontinence symptoms is the best option if you’re looking for something similar to traditional underwear that offers more absorbency. Pull up underwear are not bulky, creating a product that is discrete, light and quiet, while still helping to manage symptoms more than an adhesive pad or leak guard.

Incontinence symptoms

Pull up underwear are the product you need if you are looking for a product that can do the following:

  • Handle mild to moderate levels of bladder incontinence
  • Need a step up from adhesive pads or guards
  • Suitable for an active lifestyle to manage bladder incontinence symptoms


Generally, pull up products can handle mild, moderate and the beginning of heavy incontinence. A good rule to follow is that most pull up underwear products can handle upwards of one full bladder void, which is useful to know but can be tricky to monitor if the incontinence symptoms are mostly leaks over full loss of control.

Pull up underwear is not ideal for those with full incontinence, as they are not designed to handle bladder and bowel incontinence on a moderate to heavy level. Some pull up products may handle leaks of the bladder and bowel.

Pull up underwear are the best choice for people that have started managing their incontinence symptoms and find that pads or guards aren’t working. Choosing pull up underwear gives you a good fit with added security knowing bladder leaks won’t require frequent changes like pads or guards did. Pull up underwear can offer freedom in your active daily life, operating much like absorbent underwear, with a comfortable fit and the necessary absorbency to manage symptoms.

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