Disposable Washcloths for Adult Diaper Rash

People who suffer from adult incontinence also need to protect their skin. A lack of air flow and presence of dirt and excess moisture can cause the skin to break down and development of painful sores and rashes. Taking steps to protect against adult diaper rash and other skin irritations is essential. The use of large, soft, rinse-free disposable washcloths in combination with skin relief balm and well fitted adult underwear can make a huge difference. 

Using soap and hot water to clean an irritated area would be many people's first thought, but soap dries out the skin, leading the skin to become even more vulnerable to cracking, breaking down and more irritation. Same goes for many lotions or ointments that contain alcohol or preservatives to extend their shelf life.

To help prevent adult diaper rash and other skin irritations, the key is regular cleaning and drying of the perineal area - precisely the area covered by wearing adult diapers, briefs and pull-ups. The skin in that area, for women and men, is quite sensitive and needs to be consistently kept as clean and dry as possible to avoid diaper rash or other skin sores and irritations.  

With each diaper change, cleaning not only any irritated area, but the entire perineal region is vital. The disposable washcloth is perfectly suited for that job, but make sure you buy a quality washcloth. They should not contain alcohol. They should not contain preservatives. They should not be so small you have to use several to clean once. They should not be abrasive or made of material that sheds or shrinks with usage. 

Instead, the disposable washcloths you choose should be made of strong plant-based materials, contain natural and hypoallergenic ingredients like Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Chamomile that are gentle on your skin and do not dry it out. They should be a large size for easier use and be very soft and absorbent. 

After cleaning and drying completely, apply a skin relief cream or balm to form a protective coating on the skin. Also, make sure the adult underwear you use fit you well as moisture and dirt can get in if it is loose and it may chafe your skin as well. 

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In conclusion, the best defense against adult diaper rash and other skin irritations is to keep the skin dry and clean – this means checking often and changing as soon as the soiling occurs. 

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