Underx Incontinence Products

"Superior absorbency and fit!"

Return to your active life with incontinence products for men and women that work.


Incontinence Products for Men and Women

  • Women's Underx Disposable Incontinence Underwear (Pull-Ups)
    Underx Xtreme Absorbent Underwear (Pull-Ups) | UnderX Incontinence Products
    Super absorbency pull up style with a relaxed fit for total coverage and all-day comfort.
  • Women's Underx Xtreme Absorbent Underwear (Tabbed Briefs)
    Underx Xtreme Absorbent Briefs (Tabbed) | UnderX Incontinence Products
    Maximum absorbency adult diapers with adjustable tabs for trusted protection day or night.
  • Women's Underx Slimfit Latex Free Incontinence Underwear (Pull-Ups)
    Underx Slimfit Absorbent Underwear (Pull-Ups) | UnderX Incontinence Products
    Heavy absorbency pull up style with a streamlined, form-fitting silhouette to reduce bulkiness under clothing.
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Why Underx? 

Return to your active lifestyle

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Xfit Technology

Xfit was developed in consideration that each body shape and style is different. Underx's unique technology helps eliminate leakage for durable long lasting wear and quality comfort.

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Xsorb Technology

Xsorb's tri-layer construction helps underx incontinence products absorb more liquid than a standard diaper, allowing you to achieve a discrete non-bulky fit to maintain a low profile.


New Incontinence Products: Our Under-xtras

  • Underx Adult Disposable Washcloths (XL)
    Underx Disposable XL Washcloths | UnderX Incontinence Products
    Strong and thick plant-based cloths, super absorbent and effective.
  • Underx Skin Relief Cream Balm- Large 10oz
    underwear skin relief cream
    A paraben-free alternative to conventional creams using natural ingredients and essential oils.

Underx Underwear testimonials

These underwear are soft, breathable, and keep me dry for hours. Goodbye diaper rash!

Gordon, 79, Pennsylvania

I can rest easy knowing I'm protected all night long from leaks.

Shirley, 86, California

We used these on an 8 hour drive during the pandemic where we didn't feel comfortable stopping at rest stops. Very comfortable!

Elaine, 63, Ohio

Incontinence Products for Men & Women

All of our products are unisex, meaning that men and women alike can enjoy the benefits of all day coverage, comfort, and protection. Our products serve a range of communities, including caregivers, elderly, ABDL, and bowel incontinence product users.