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  • Skin Relief Cream for Adult Diaper Rash

    Adult diaper rash skin irritations can be painful and uncomfortable. Out of the various at home treatments available, skin relief cream is one of the most popular, but many contain chemicals and preservatives that can irritate your skin even more. Thankfully, underx has developed an all natural, paraben free alternative to conventional creams using zinc oxide, other natural ingredients and essential oils that are known to help soothe and comfort sensitive skin.
  • Proper Disposal of Adult Diapers

    Adult diapers or pull-ups are great solutions for either bowel or urinary adult incontinence. However, disposing of them properly requires adherence to several basic rules for the good of public health and the environment. Find out how to do your part. 

  • 1 Year supply of underx diapers competition policy

    1 Year Supply Competition policy Terms and Conditions No purchase necessary. Only one entry per household. Closing date for eligible entries is Ju...
  • What Adult Underwear Product Do I Need?

    Find out if pull up or incontinence underwear are right for you and your symptoms, the informational blog post contains categories to provide insight into what pull up underwear can deliver to help manage symptoms as well as how it fits and how it is worn. 
  • The Right Fit for Adult Underwear

    Finding the right fit for adult underwear is important because wearing well fitted adult underwear is the best way to manage urinary incontinence symptoms. Choosing adult underwear that not only fits well but is also comfortable to wear and looks good under clothing is the best way to ensure urinary incontinence symptoms are being managed properly.
  • The Importance of Adult Underwear Absorbency

    The main reason absorbency is important in adult underwear is to manage urinary incontinence symptoms. Adult underwear primarily works to provide an added layer of protection to absorb any leaks, drips, or other urinary incontinence symptoms.
  • Testing for Urinary Incontinence

    When urinary incontinence becomes bothersome, or affects your daily life, it may be time to consider talking to a doctor about urinary incontinence testing. Talking to a doctor about urinary testing will reveal more about what’s causing the incontinence and will provide options for treatment and managing symptoms.
  • What causes urinary incontinence?

    Urinary incontinence, a common and oftentimes embarrassing problem, is the unintentional passing of urine. While it can happen to anyone, bladder control problems typically affects older people, especially women.