ABDL diapers; what, why, where?

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The ABDL (Adult Baby Diaper Lover) community is an extensive group of people who enjoy activities linked to diapers and being handled as a child. A few of them might act as babies, while additional members of the community are just reassured by clothing and objects related to babyhood.  

What causes somebody to become an adult baby? 

Who knows? Some people consider that imprinting reasons infantilism; a mommy putting ABDL diapers on a child generates relations between mortification and sexuality. One more theory is that being an adult baby is an individuality disorder that's founded on the self rather than a companion.

A ‘diaper lover’ is anybody with a charm for diapers. They may become stimulated by the soft material of the diaper touching their skin. Or they might enjoy dirtying the diaper and being fostered by their partner. 

An adult diaper lover might not have any longing to act like a baby, and age-play might not be a part of their obsession whatsoever. There are numerous reasons why adult ABDL diaper lovers appreciate wearing incontinence products. But for now, it is just significant to know that a diaper lover is not essentially likewise an adult baby (while they could be).

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 And what about diaper lovers?

 Diaper lovers' approaches may be somewhat different but eventually, lead to the same sense of accomplishment and joy. Perhaps they enjoy the excitement of having a secret, of wearing something beneath their clothes that no one knows about. This is exhilarating to them!

Perhaps they enjoy being an adult in baby diapers since adults should not wear diapers. It is off-limits. It is prohibited. It is this opinion of the offense that attracts them to ABDL diapers.

Maybe they feel uncomfortable, tainted or mortified when they select to wear diapers – or, even better – when a governing female ‘powers’ them to wear a diaper as a penalty or mortification tool (with their consent).

Some adults in baby diapers like dirtying their diapers – occasionally even in public – since it makes them feel unclean and repulsive, and they enjoy this sensation. They might enjoy having their diaper changed by a ‘partner’ or female figure. 

Where to get adult diapers?

Whatsoever the exact reason why somebody likes age-play or wearing diapers, the fundamental reasons are the same – doing these things makes them feel happy. It makes them feel blissful. Visit our Underx shop for some amazing free ABDL product samples today!

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  • It’s very cool, and appreciated, to see manufacturers of medical incontinence products who are accepting and supportive of the abdl community. Thank you!

  • So far, I love your products!!!!
    They make me feel safe, secure and fuzzy inside, holds a lot of fluid too. I highly recommend these products to other ABDL’S and anyone else who has the occasional leaking that tends to creep up on you.
    You won’t be disappointed, I assure you.

    Brian Rose

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