xSorb Technology

xSorb technology provides the maximum absorbency on the market - up to 82 fluid ounces. That's 2.5 liters.

This unique feature allows for Underx to absorb more liquid than a standard diaper. It has tri-layer make up that creates a durable and functional absorbent diaper. This triple layer works by pulling liquid away from the skin and locking it into a separate layer. This creates a level of absorbency that ensures for more security but also provides health benefits in drawing the liquid away. This lessens the risk of skin irritation and painful infection. All the while, maintaining a discrete non-bulky fit to maintain a low profile.

Even the Underx Slimfit underwear has a 79 ounce capacity. It's high absorbency is ideal for overnight use, travel or any time the wearer needs to go long periods of time without changes. With this convenient feature, changes must only be made once every eight hours or three times every day.

xSorb gives Underx the highest absorbency amongst all other incontinence products on the market without sacrificing your comfort.