The ABDL Community and Adult Diapers

A growing community who use and wear diapers are adults without any incontinence condition. This community is lumped together using an acronym of ABDL, but, as with many things, such a label can be confusing, create misunderstanding and obscure nuances that are important to understand. We'll explain what ABDL means, the various groups involved and their preferences in types of diapers.  

What Does ABDL Mean? 

ABDL is an acronym that stands for Adult Baby/Diaper Lover which are two separate subgroups of the same community. It is unknown how large of a community ABDL or either of the subgroups are in size, but the amount of online activity including forums, groups, social media etc. has consistently grown and, with increased awareness, more growth and demand for diapers would be expected. 

Who Are ABDLs?

AB stands for Adult Babies. These are adults who enjoy acting and roleplaying as infants. They find it fun or sexually exciting to return mentally to a childlike state. In scientific terms, this is called paraphilic infantilism. They can wear diapers, baby clothes and use pacifiers or drink from a bottle as part of the roleplay activity.  

DL stands for Diaper Lovers. These adults can also be AB, but not always. Some are not interested in baby, older child or teenager roleplaying. They might simply prefer to wear diapers instead of other types of underwear. There can be a connection to past or present incontinence issues where the adult started using diapers and grew to love them. 

What Types of Diapers Do ABDLs Like?

Many ABs and DLs like super absorbant incontience diapers. Some like bulky types using star, animal and superhero prints or designs, but absorbency is a common attribute most appreciate. Underx's line of Xtreme absorbent underwear is a good example of a super absorbent diaper. It can absorb up to 82 ounces, the equivalent of 10 eight-ounce glasses of fluid. 

DLs also like tabbed incontinence briefs that they can change out of quickly and easily to put on a new pair. Underx's line of Xtreme tabbed absorbent underwear which combine the superior absorbency and tabbed brief style for quick and easy changing. 

Some ABDLs also like using washcloths or wipes, like Underx's disposable washcloths, and skin cream, similar to Underx's skin relief balm, as part of either roleplaying activities or as part of their usage of adult diapers. 

There is no one reason why individuals claim their identity as an ABDL, but many like the emotional feeling they get from wearing diapers and imitating a baby. Some enjoy the soft texture of the adult diaper that makes them feel, similar to those who use to manage incontinence, comfortable and secure.

Please visit our online shop for ABDL diapers or contact us with any questions about the ABDL community.   


  • Hey Brian W, Just wanted to let you know that you’re far from alone as a DL, or as a progressing AB, here in good olé Kentucky! Us Wildcats might seem like solitary reclusive creatures, but when the sun goes down, we love to come out of the shadows and mark some new territory, if you know what I mean!
    Sen. Min. Ldr. - Addison Mitchell McConnell III
  • I started out using them just for work or bed and spending most my time without them but I found them in that aspect incredibly distracting and just as painful as not having them so it there was no benefit now the pain is no longer an issue and it doesn’t become an issue again generally do long as I don’t have to go longer than a month without them then everything tightens up again and I once again become a slave to something that I’m told I should be able to control. No clue how it began except perhaps epilepsy

    Harley Bussing jr
  • I am an adult baby and would like to meet other adult babys.

    Mary Andrews
  • I have a sore spot as I’m always in diapers as never got to grow out of wearing them. I never meet my real biological mommy or see anyone wanting me over the start of my 18 years of life, now in 40’s and still in them.

    Thomas Abbie Jones
  • Y’all nasty


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