Proper Disposal of Adult Diapers

Adult diapers and elderly incontinence products are great solutions for either bowel or urinary adult incontinence. The customized fit, the high levels of absorbency and the comfortable and non-bulky material combine to help restore confidence, quality of life and security for women and men.

However, disposing of them properly requires adherence to several basic rules for the good of public health and the environment.

Adult diapers contain human waste. When used adult diapers are causually tossed into the trash, the health of sanitation workers are at risk if they come in contact with the waste matter. In landfills, the danger is bacteria from fecal matter can leech into the groundwater and contaminate it.

Over 100 viruses can be detected in human waste and some can survive for months outside of the body.

Here are some helpful tips for the proper disposal of adult diapers:

Use Scented Biodegradable Bags And Bin Liners
Placing the used diapers in a bag allows you to contain the odor and discretely throw them away. Disposable scented bags are even better because your bathroom won’t smell even when you have several diapers in the garbage. Remember to bag the soiled items individually and tie a good knot before placing them in the bin. And always have a few on you to responsibly throw away the diapers when away from home.

Get an At-Home Disposal System
While these diaper pails are made for baby diapers, they can easily take on adult diapers as well. They help ensure sanitary conditions in the home and eliminate the odor even when you’ve filled them to capacity or changed the liner.

Buy Only Green Adult Incontinence Products
Disposable diapers cause a boatload of environmental problems, and none of them are easy to solve. Consider this: a disposable diaper is made of paper pulp, plastics, and petroleum, all finite resources responsible for escalating climate change. This makes it all the more important to buy from an environmentally neutral producer of adult diapers who believes in the importance of sustainability such as UnderX.

Always Recycle
The trouble is that not all adult incontinence products, like diapers, pads etc. can be fully recycled since they are made from non-biodegradable materials. That’s why you should always use green bags and eco-friendly adult diapers made from natural materials that can break down in the landfills over time.

In Conclusion
Adult diapers help millions of adults manage their bowel or urinary incontinence and prevent accidents. High quality adult diapers are worth the investment not only for yourself, but also for general public health and environmental stewardship. Please do your part by disposing of your incontinence products properly. Contact UnderX for your incontinence underwear for men and women and we'll be glad to provide the best adult diaper you can find.

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