Do You Suffer From Skin Rashes Due To Absorbent Products?

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Skin Rashes from Absorbent Underwear

One of the most recurrent issues that individuals who regularly wear absorbent products face are irritated skin, which, as it sounds, is quite painful and restricts the person from thoroughly enjoying their life.

As much as living with incontinence is challenging, we at Underx want you to go through minimal pain or discomfort, whether through our high-quality products or essential tips to help you out.

In this regard, we are here today to guide you on preventing skin rashes from incontinence products; let’s take a quick look!

Keep your skin dry:

The most important thing is to keep the skin as dry as possible to minimize rashes and irritation. While absorbents can be very helpful in managing incontinence, they can also contribute to skin problems if you don't practice good hygiene. 

It is because wetness is the leading cause of skin rashes. When your skin is exposed to excess moisture for a prolonged period, along with friction, increased temperature, and changing pH, it can result in painful rashes.

Keep your skin clean:

Wetness can lead to complications such as rashes, bacterial overgrowth, UTIs, bladder infections, and skin infections. Incontinence-associated Dermatitis is a severe skin infection that can occur if rashes are left untreated. 

Keeping the skin clean and dry can prevent these complications and reduce the risk of developing severe skin infections. Ultimately, the goal is to minimize rashes, which can be a primary cause of other serious health issues.

Get The Right Underx Products To Prevent Skin Rashes From Absorbent Products:

Choosing the right product that suits your condition, lifestyle, and body type is crucial to prevent skin rashes from incontinence products.

Improperly Wearing absorbent products can cause an imbalance of pH, excess heat, wetness, and increased friction, leading to skin rashes. 

For prevention, it's crucial to go for high-quality products such as the Underx incontinence range with elastic leg openings that provide a soft, non-binding, snug fit. It won't do its job correctly if it doesn't feel comfortable.

Additionally, getting sufficiently absorbent products for the amount of wetness you produce is essential. Highly absorbent underwear with good wicking properties can reduce leakage and odors, maintain dryness, and minimize skin irritation and infections caused by wetness.

Choose the right product for your condition and experience maximum comfort, dryness, and protection with Underx. We also provide specially formulated incontinence underwear cream for soothing and relief. 

Now, you don't have to live with unwanted pain anymore!

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