Better than Depends Underwear: An Interview with Underx

Our founders were recently interviewed by the team at to give you a behind the scenes look at our incontinence products brand. See why Underx diapers are better than depends underwear, and how this innovative new brand is taking the market by storm. Watch the full interview above, or see the transcript below. Enjoy! + Underx: An Interview

Well designed products is not as easy as you would think. When you walk down the, the, the aisles in the drug store, you see colorful bag after colorful bag, after colorful bag. I like what these guys have developed and designed. It's called under X for two reasons alone, and but many more fit and seal.

They decided those were the really important topics that a lot of the other products seem to miss. So I'm gonna just let, let them talk to you about where they came from, what they're doing and the value of, of what they're offering family caregivers. Wait. With all the incontinence products of the market what do you think makes under X different better than other brands?

I just wanted to start off by saying thank you very much for having us today, Gary, and we understand the importance of caregivers and, and everything that you do for this community as well. And to, to answer your question. We understood that there was many brands out there. And so many to choose from the, after doing a lot of market research, we found that a lot of things, people, especially at nighttime for caregivers looking after their loved ones and such were having issues with no one could sleep through the evening.

No one could, everyone would wake up wet. Or there would be a mess and so things, and we really wanted to create a product that could actually give people and why a slogan is really get back to your active lifestyle and such, and is I basically make sure that somebody could rest and end sleep and feel confident that they wouldn't have any upsets through the evening or even through the day.

So we come up with two technologies, one, be an X. Which basically it, it fit it's fitted to design to go to all different shapes and sizes of the body, because we're all different. Some have small legs, big bombs, big waist, vice versa. And, and it really is an issue because you. You really can't have one that fits all.

So what we try to do to, to do, to design this is that you may have to go through a medium or large or an extra large, but that we do have a fit in program that can go on to our website and says, find your fit. And and it'll go through and walk you through to find your, the best fit for you. But we do offer free samples just in case that's not the case we, and, and with doing so you may end up being a medium in one, but are large in ours, but we have these leak guards that go around the creases of your legs to make sure that if you have heavy flows and certain things, that the polymer can absorb the liquid as it comes through.

And so it stops any kind of leakage in certain things. And then that's on the expert technology. And then on the exort absorb technology. We have a very highly absorbent polymer that on our extreme absorbency products, we can actually take up to 10 cup and, and an average healthy bladder can actually take up to, I, it usually holds around two cup of liquid.

So knowing certain things and certain, especially with certain drugs and prescriptions, you may have their diuretics. They have all these issues that come along with that. And, and. And sometimes you, you could actually have like three or four urinations through the, through the evening, just to the amount of liquid that you can hold and certain things.

So we really tried to make something that was tight and sealed and, and very absorbent. And, and so the, the, the people that are using our products can get their confidence back to know that there's not gonna be any leaks or, or of failings of the product. This is great. This is so important, John. Why did you and Larry and Wayne decide to make newly innovative incontinence products in particular?

Sure. Thank you, Gary. For multitude of different reasons. But the most, the one for me that was most recent is I spent a lot of the time, honestly, not, not having to worry. Intimate family members or, or, or friends having an issue and until you become aware of it and what a good product can do for for someone not having to worry, having the ability to continue on their daily life as they always have, you know I didn't realize the, the drastic need for a quality quality.

And now that this was brought and we, we put this together. We realize that this very, this quality product can change people's lives. Yeah. And it, and, and it really, it was an opportunity to to help the business or to help and to help people feel better about themselves being able to get out there and continue to do things that they're used to.

Without having to work and, and for me, it, it hit it hit close to home. And it's something that you know, we wanted to do. Brilliant. Yeah. I know that in so many times that I find people making products that are making a difference for family caregivers. When you drill down, there's a story about how they were a caregiver or they cared for their family, or they made these thoughts in these decisions, in these products based on the needs of their family members.

So it's, it's, it's good to see that. That's how you guys started as well. Mm-hmm Hey. Larry. I know that customer service is incredibly important to caregivers. And I know that you guys know that. Why did you put such a focus on customer service and what do you consider? Good customer service. Great question.

And just to re re reiterate with guys that said thank you so much for allowing us to speak to you and to your audience. It's greatly appreciated. And just to tag onto it, what John said, you know, we're cousins. So we share a lot of family members and you know, our grandmother and, and now my in-laws are in the same scenario, but she had a saying once a lady, twice a baby, and that's kind of where that's the progress.

Right. And and wearing, you know, the incontinence products was always considered a bit of a stigma when you got to a certain age, but now it's not, now it's generally accepted as something that you need. And, and it's an important part of that person's life, a critical part, you know, and you realize from a customer service standpoint that you can't delay your products, right.

If there's a delay in products, that person, that customer, that person. Is outta sorts. I mean, there's going to be an issue, obviously. Now they have something that they rely on and depend on yeah. During their whole entire day and in and in the evening. And if you can't take care of that customer's needs, that person's needs and you're failing.

And we come from this background. So we're in the logistics business as well. And I mean, it's all about customer service. Right. And so so we really appreciate that. And plus my father-in-law who also is a customer of ours is a very discerning buyer. So he lets us know when our service levels are failing.

And I bet yeah, so, so we, we do our best to make sure that, you know, we take care of all of our customers as if there are there, there are relatives and we're the care. You know, logistics, it's really a good background be to, to have in this mix because logistics is half the battle with putting a good product on the market.

So I'm glad to see that you have that in your kit bag as well. Mm-hmm well, think about it this way. We, in our business, we are an extension of our customers and, and with UnderX, we are an extension of the care. So ultimately if we're not doing our product, isn't doing our know its job. Well, then we're failing the person caring for the individual that needs it the most.

And it's such a, a, a huge issue. It's I think it's a number one issue that people consider long term care placement for their loved ones when incontinence isn't managed well and they can't find the products. That keep their loved one dry and, and safe. So thank you for what you're doing. Hey, Wayne, UnderX is a great name, just one of those terrific names.

Where do you see Underx in five years? Well, we as you, as you've just heard where we started from and what our main aim was to start into the in incontinent area and make a product in that, in that realm. And we've started branching into other areas. We not only do we really take on board that we wanna do quality products, quality customer service, and quality care, but we also wanna bring quality.

A whole array of quality products along for the ride, because there are some issues that you need with skin rashes and skin care and cleaning, and while changing, there's certain paraphernalia that you need with all of that, that what comes along with in incontinent. Yeah. And now doing a lot more research with finding that there's a lot of issues with not very good products out there, not natural...

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